Some Stacks by Me

On this page are some of my trial stacks, those of which I thought they could be interesting to other peoples.

The following stack is a very old one, it creates and uncompresses ".gz" files. As usual, use at your own risk.

My first trial to make an IRC client. Warning: very rough and unpolished!

"Verschlüsseln" means Encrypt. Note that this is an extremely weak encryption, and I have almost no clue about encryption in general. But I think that it's a nice thinking challenge to use randomseed as a scrambler.

Based on the previous work of the de-compressor stack and with the arrival of the zip library of rev 2.7.3, i made a zip creating and uncompressing stack. Use at your own Risk.

I made this stack March 2007 for a project I call "the pledge". It's a calendar and time entry group. Documentation included.

As a celebration for the RunRev company forums (fora?) finally being opened to the public (after one year of elitarism) in 2007, I made a RSS reader. Bonus: I learned some XML in the process! Use at your own risk. Sadly, there's no documentation at all.
RSS Reader.rev

Want to run stack files without RunRev? Use this! it shows a listing of every '.rev' file in the same directory. This is best used as an application. Make an self-decompressing zip and it even fits on one floppy-disk! (Ok, this stack is old, but not that old...)
Simple Stack Player.rev

This stack was made and published within 24 hours. It can be used to view the mailings of the use-rev mailing list stored on your pop account and view them in a hirarchical way.
Reader of Rev List.rev

A server and client combination to present the simplest way to do sockets in livecode, the ide formerly known as rev. First press "start server" then "connect" on the client, then write something into the field and hit return. You do not need to run the server and client on different computers, you can just have them in the same IDE and do local sockets too.
Simple socket Server.rev
Simple socket Client.rev

A print example for a stranger from India.

A very unfinished script editor for Mats.
BvG On-Rev Editor.rev