Gaming and Animation Engine (AE) stacks by me

Here are AE stacks as well as gaming relevant stacks that do not use AE (at the bottom). They're for everyone to take apart and use at their own risk (and that of their cat).

My most fancy stack contains a fake 3-D view that you can turn and twist if you want to. It needs AE to run.
3D Rotation

Another very fancy stack is an A* pathfinding implementation.
A* Pathfinding

This is a little Football game, with a very stupid computer opponent. It needs AE.
Football game

A pie chart example that you can drag bigger and smaller, turn and move around.
Pie chart thingy

A similar Stack as above, only no moving and it's a triangle.
Triangle control

Here I use Animation Engine (AE) to Produce star-like structures.
Create a Star

No AE here, but still a funny trial stack with a really confusing and mostly boring (but pretty) game. Hit "turn" when it doesn't allow you to do anything.

This doesn't use AE either, but it has a very nice screen effect going on. Also try card 2!
Growing counties